How to Bluff in Poker?

Playing Online PokerBluffing is the most important act in poker and you should master this particular skill if you want to emerge successful in the poker game. The crux of the whole game lies in your ability to fool or create a false belief in the opponent about the game. Bluffing is not an easy affair and you need to hone your skills with techniques and strategies. Here are a few things that you need to know if you are planning to bluff in poker in situs judi online.


The time that you have chosen to bluff is crucial and you need to be very careful about it. A right bluff move at a wrong time in poker will cost you the game and may cause heavy loss. Wait for your golden opportunity to come and then hit on the bull’s eye in bluffing. Sometimes patience in the game pays off better than quick moves and this is very much applicable in the case of bluffing in poker.

Look Serious and sturdy

Many dare to take chances when the bet is big and you could easily use this weakness for your benefit. Start off with betting huge and most importantly, be really serious about it. You need to create a belief that you have the winning position at hand and it is hard to match with you.

Create a good reputation

If you have created a good position in a particular poker website with phenomenal track record of games, you are sure to scare off the players. Many people will check the background of a particular player with whom they are playing. If the opponent is convinced that you are strong enough to win then definitely you get a winning hand at the game.

Check the player background

Getting to know about the player with whom you are involved in the game of poker will enable you to create a winning position for yourself. Make sure that you check the background and get to know whether the player is new or experienced in the area. If the player is new, then you can expect a specific pattern of moves, which includes involving in bluffing activity quite often.

Refrain from bluffing often

Understand that bluffing should be used with caution and should not be brought in every now and then. If you employ the bluffing tactics very often then you are sure to get caught in the midst. If the other player comes to know that you are bluffing quite often then they would start spotting your bluffs easily and this may eventually lead you to lose the game. Use the bluff option rarely and cautiously with proper timing.

The above points give a fair idea on what bluffing is all about and also guide you as to how to go about the whole activity of bluffing in an easier manner. If you take these points into mind and get your basics of poker strong, then it would be quite hard to beat you in the game of poker.